winter coat

Last night I dreamt of the Chinese resistance
Of riding naked on a motorcycle to reach the city gates
I dreamt of you
holding my hand, helping me find a warm winter coat in a closet with
too many clothes


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Epipaleolithic – Natufian

While searching for an email, I came across an old submission sent to a professor concerning the Natifian readings and my summary of those readings. It is refreshing to have read this and remember what it was like to be so immersed in my studies.

Epipaleolithic – Natufian
Ideas put forth in the readings this week
Climate played a central role in the readings this week with respect to influence toward a sedentary lifestyle. Though there were

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“Part-time resident of tomorrow.”

Where I have lived my life. TUL –> SAN –> SBD –> TUL

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Countdown to Graduation from CSUSB